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Shipping to Etre Gourmet

Etre Gourmet offers an intermediary service to ship parcels to customers outside of Europe, or simply to save on shipping costs by combining orders from multiple shops, before shipping them over longer distances. Because we have quite a few customers who have their parcels sent to them, we can offer discounted shipping.

Please understand that you will have to pay for any further shipping from Etre Gourmet onwards.

See Etre Gourmet’s page on shipping (under ‘Reservation’) for more information on when your orders have to be shipped from their warehouse.

Practical notes

  • When shipping to Etre Gourmet, simply fill out your own address (for billing), and select “Etre Gourmet Proxy” as shipping option. We will automatically ship your parcel to Etre Gourmet’s address.
  • We strongly recommend that you, as soon as you have made your order, contact Etre Gourmet about it coming their way. Mention your full name, your order’s contents, and order number.
  • Also please note that we are not any sort of official partner, and cannot take any responsibility for what happens to your order once it is handed over to Etre Gourmet.
  • We don’t offer track and trace information for shipments to Etre Gourmet. However, your order is insured during transit.