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Frequently Asked Questions


What does shipping cost to my country?

Please check this page for more information on shipping.

Do you ship to my country?

Possibly! Check out this page for more information on shipping.

Is it possible to combine orders, to reduce shipping costs?

Due to a number of mostly logistical reasons, we have stopped offering the option to combine orders. However, our parcels hold up to 12 bottles of beer, so feel free to organise your something with your friends to optimally use your parcel’s capacity!

My parcel arrived, but it is damaged. What now?

First of all — don’t worry. We’ll make sure you get every single bottle of beer you ordered.

Secondly — please make sure you take plenty of pictures of the damage and the parcel’s contents. Ideally, directly after receiving the parcel, take a photo of

  1. the shipping label;
  2. the exterior of the parcel;
  3. the opened parcel;
  4. the damaged bottle(s), if still in the box;
  5. the remaining contents (the bottles that are still O.K.).

Finally, send us an email mentioning your order number and describing how you received your parcel, with the above mentioned photos attached.

Please note: Our distributor requires of us to show adequate proof of damage, which means that without (all of) the photo’s mentioned above, we might not be able to file the insurance claim on your parcel. Also, please let us know within 7 days of receiving your order, so we can file your claim with our distributor on time.

My parcel is taking very long… What can I do?

If you parcel seems to be stuck in transit (it has not shown any progress for more than 7 days) simply send us a message mentioning your order number, and we’ll take it from there. Rest assured that you will receive your beer, even if it takes another attempt!

Please note: if you don’t contact us about the issue with your parcel within 4 weeks after shipping, we might not be able claim the insurance on your parcel.

Track and trace says my parcel has been delivered, but I have received nothing…

Sometimes a parcel gets delivered at the wrong address. Therefore, before contacting us, please first check with your neighbours. We’ve found that, more often than not, your parcel will have been accidentally delivered one or two houses down the street.

In case this doesn’t result in your parcel surfacing, simply send us a message mentioning your order number, and we’ll get things sorted for you.

Order Details

Oops! I’ve made a mistake during checkout…

If you’ve made a mistake regarding your order, and you haven’t paid yet: simply don’t pay and place a new order. Your old order will automatically expire after 15 minutes.

If you forgot something and have already fully completed checkout and payment: send us an email explaining what should be changed as soon as possible.

How do I change my shipping address?

Follow this link, or follow these instructions:

  1. Go to ‘My account (under ‘Menu’ on mobile devices)
  2. Click on ‘Addresses’
  3. Click on the edit button to change your billing or shipping address

Important note: If you have already placed an order, but found out that you made a mistake in your address, please send us an email as soon as possible!


Why is there no beer for sale?

Probably because we simply don’t have any beers in stock at the moment. We are a small company with a limited production. Stay tuned by subscribing to our mailing list and we will inform you as soon as there are new beers on sale.

Your newsletter got marked as spam — what can I do?

Hopefully you didn’t miss out on our beer! Try this:

For Gmail users: move our email to your primary inbox

  • On phones: Hit the 3 dots at top right corner, click “Move to” then “Primary”
  • On desktop: Back out of this email then drag and drop this email into the “Primary” tab near the top left of your screen.

For Apple Mail users: add us to VIPs

  • Tap on our email address at the top of this email (next to “From:” on mobile) and click “Add to VIPs”

Everyone else:

How do I become a member?

Once a year, we release a special magnum bottle (1,5 litres), which comes with a membership, which lasts until the following year’s membership release.

Buying this special bottle gives you access to all sorts of perks. For more information, see our membership for 2021/2022.

Please note: you do not need a membership to make a purchase in our shop.