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Countries/regions we ship to Price
Belgium€ 8,20
Netherlands *€ 8,55
Germany€ 8,65
Luxembourg€ 11,45
Austria€ 14,40
France€ 14,40
Monaco€ 14,40
Denmark€ 15,65
Italy€ 16,20
Spain€ 16,65
Slovakia€ 17,10
Czech Republic€ 17,25
Portugal€ 18,80
Ireland€ 20,30
Poland€ 21,25
Switzerland (+ weight surcharge: 1,75/kg**)€ 21,25
Finland€ 21,40
Sweden€ 21,60
Hungary€ 21,95
Slovenia€ 22,00
Norway (+ weight surcharge: 2,15/kg**)€ 26,60
Canary Islands€ 26,65
Romania€ 28,30
Malta€ 28,35
Estonia€ 28,50
Cyprus€ 28,60
Lithuania€ 28,75
Latvia€ 28,75
Bulgaria€ 28,80
Greece€ 29,45
Croatia€ 30,00

* Parcels to addresses in the Netherlands are subject to a mandatory ID-check, to make sure you are of drinking age. This adds €1,85 to the shipping costs (otherwise €6,70).

** Parcels to Norway and Switzerland pay a weight surcharge according to PostNL’s international shipping prices. Parcels to Switzerland may become subject to taxes and import fees.

All parcels are dispatched through PostNL (the Dutch Post). However, after leaving the Netherlands, parcels may be handed over to PostNL’s local partners (e.g. DPD, Hermes, Chronopost, etc.).

Additional costs

Because of the fragility of bottles, we have to package them in high quality packaging material, and handle them with some extra care. Therefore we charge a general packaging surcharge of €1,10 per 750ml bottle, or €2,20 per 1500ml magnum bottle.

For parcels heavier than 23 kilograms, or containing 13 bottles or more, a €3,65 weight surcharge is calculated.

Shipping intermediaries (proxies)

Although we do not ship directly to any other country than the above mentioned, we can recommend services like Etre Gourmet as a shipping intermediary for countries outside of Europe.

Note: we strongly recommend that you first contact Etre Gourmet before you let us send anything to them. We are not any sort of official partner, and cannot take any responsibility for what happens on their side of the line.