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Oude is a very special blend of wild ales aged for 1 up to 4 years. Over 1/3 of the total blend is aged in oak puncheons (500l) for 4 years. We’ve never used such an old beer in our blends so far. This gives the final beer a characterful and complex taste. Another 50% is a younger beer of 1 years old which adds freshness, herbal and floral qualities to the blend. The remaining part of the blend is a 2 year old beer that acts as a bridge between the old and young.

In the aroma I detect fresh lemons and lemon curd, peaches and apricots, slightly grassy and floral notes like rose petals, but also more caramel and nuttier aromas like you would find in an oxidized wine (e.g. sherry or port). When you take a sip, these notes are noticeable in the after taste. In the mid taste you will find a good amount of oakiness, dusty wine cellar and stone fruit notes.

Oude is already good to drink during summertime, but this beer is also perfect to cellar for a couple of years to balance out the flavours and soften the tannins.

Store our beers upright or lying down in a cool, dark place. Our beers are best enjoyed around 13°C.

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Ingredients: water, malted barley, wheat, hops, and wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. 75cL. 6,7% ABV.

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